American cherry wood handmade glasses

American cherry wood handmade glasses

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   I’m pretty sure that I’m the very first person use cherry wood for glasses frames. Why am I so sure? Because cherry wood is not ‘hard wood’, also known by most people as ‘rosewood’ and everyone thinks only rosewood can be used as glasses frames. In fact, cherry wood is soft and its fibre is less dense than rosewood (here referring to the types of trees, not specific tree species). However, in 2012, I created a crack-proof technique, which significantly improved the firmness of wooden frames. When dropped to the ground, only about 5% of my frames break apart, while the rate of other brands is about 70%. In addition, there has been one problem for glasses frames made of rosewood: too heavy. On the contrary, cherry wood is quite light. What’s more, cherry wood has nice texture, and I like that.

    I tried to make glasses frame with cherry wood and luckily, my first trial was a success. A pair of standard cherry wood framed glasses only weighs about 15 to 20 grams while a pair of Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses weighs about 45 grams. I believe my cherry wood framed glasses are the lightest wooden frame glasses in the world, and are even the lightest of glasses of the same size, lighter than carbon fibre. By now, Walker 2012 glasses with cherry wood frames have been the best seller of all my products. Certainly there are some factories manufacturing cherry wood framed glasses (they have been good at plagiarism), but their products are easily broken.











WALKER2014(very large size )


 cherry wood bluetooth speakers

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