bamboo eyeglasses MJX1104 C11

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TAKE Handmade colour bamboo customized prescription Eyeglasses cat eyes sunglasses

**Quick overview:***
1. 100% handmade by the designer and brand founder: TAKEMOTO HUANG.(Become an eyeglasses maintenance worker since 1996; Became a senior optometrist since 2005, and a craftsman since 1998). 

2.Crack treatment, not easy to break.

3.Lifelong free maintenance, replacement parts or renovated.

4. Can be installed the prescription lenses, including Transition \Progressive and RX sunglasses).

5. A handmade wood box will also be included. 

6.Same-price guarantee: once you buy my glasses today, you will enjoy the same price in the future, no matter how expensive my brand becomes. 

7. If you are interested in how to handmade glasses and other information, please add me as your friend on Facebook/Instagram :takemoto huang

8.If you want to know Mr.TAKEMOTO how to work ,please click this picture into YOUTUBU watch the video.

 After-sales services:
1.      The shipping cost for shipping the items to the studio are the customers’ or the distributors’ to pay.
2.      The shipping cost for shipping the items to the distributors after the items being repaired will be paid by the studio.
3.      Repairing (NOT exchanging) frames and arms for free and for glasses of all series.
4.      Free exchange for the arm for once for TAKEMOTO Series; for further exchange, cost of production (20% of the original price) is required.
5.      Lifetime free exchange for the frame and the arm for TAKE HUANG series, repair the inlays for free.
6.      Lifetime free repairing and exchange for metal hinges.
7.      Glasses cases and lenses maintenance services are NOT provided.


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