Gift Exchange

  1. Customers who have placed orders through TAKEMOTO online platforms since 2008 will become early honourable customers, regardless of consumption amount. One (1) point will be awarded for the consumption of one (1) US dollar, for example, one will get 159 points for US$159.00.
    2.      From 2019 on, all orders placed at the distributors’ stores will also be awarded with one (1) TAKEMOTO point for every one (1) USD. The statistics will be recorded and submitted by the distributor to TAKEMOTO Studio.
    3.      Gifts for honourable customers are designed by Mr. TAKEMOTO and belong to the TAKE HOME Collection, and some of them are made by Mr. Takemoto himself, and the rest are also made by craftsmen of the 108craftsmen association. They are fair trade products, most of which are unique and cannot be purchased elsewhere. Please find out and email us for the corresponding gift according to your own consumption history and the points you have earned.
    4.      Customers who would like to receive the gift separately will need to pay for a certain amount of shipping fee, unless the gifts are shipped along with glasses or claimed from the distributor.
    5.      For more gift redemption and details, please visit or consult us. At the same time, you can also purchase gifts separately to support fair trade and crafts practitioners. You do not need to pay any extra shipping fees for these crafts if you have an order for glasses at the same time.


If you’d like to purchase these the crafts and support the genuine

craftsmen, you can also buy them directly. They will be shipped together

with your glasses and you can cave the shipping cost of USD20.00.