Bamboo Woven Pendant Lamp, Natural Lamp, Tropical Boho Chandelier, household

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108craftsmen handmade bamboo wearing household three group fruit tray bread tray storage。

*Including an IKEA PVC light shade, which is covered by bamboo-weaving, so it’ll be very safe. The wire and an E27 screw light holder are also included. You only need to buy the E27 light bulb locally to fit the voltage. 

*size :Diameter 28cm,height 28cm


*shipping:Normally use UPS to USA and Canada,Europe.about 3-5 days,you will receive it.if can not get the phone number ,just use postal express ,about one week or more,you can received it.Dpex to Australia,abut 4 days,the package will arrive.

    These bamboo wares are from 108Craftsmen Bamboo Weaving Team, which consists of elderly and new generationsof bamboo weaving craftsmen. They are from the base of108Craftsmen, an impoverishedvillage where the Craftsmen

House is located. The founder Mr. Takemotoprovides innovative concepts and design, especially in the innovationof bamboowoven products.

   We are helping the poor peopel,would you join ?order is the best way!