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MJX1055 C04 wood wooden handmade prescription eyeglasses sunglasses TAKEMOTO





***Quick overview:***
1. 100% handmade by the designer and brand founder: TAKEMOTO HUANG.(Become an eyeglasses maintenance worker since 1996; Became a senior optometrist since 2005, and a craftsman since 1998). 

2.Each pair of glasses will be different, because no wood is the same.

3.Lifelong free maintenance, replacement parts or renovated.

4. Can install the prescription lenses, including Transition \Progressive and RX sunglasses).

5. A handmade wood box will also be included. 

6.Same-price guarantee: once you buy my glasses today, you will enjoy the same price in the future, no matter how expensive my brand becomes. 

7. If you are interested in how to handmade glasses and other information, please add me as your friend on Facebook/Instagram :takemoto huang

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2018 is the 10th anniversary of the brand Mr. TAKEMOTO, and is the 23th year since Mr. Takemoto started his career in eyewear industry (the number '23' is special for the brand). Now Mr. TAKEMOTO has evolved to one of the world’s most expensive eyewear brand in customised bamboo and wooden framed glasses. This 10th anniversary edition is not very special; comparing to WAYFARER, it is only a bit rounder. Its price US$39 is also the lowest in history. Then what's so special about it? Now developed into a rich eyewear businessman, Mr. Takamoto started as an apprentice at an optical store. Devoted in craftsmanship, he has abandoned much of his property (because one has to concentrate to do things better). During the arduous decade, Takemoto's studio had to relocated for many times (he was well-recognised in the western, but in China, his achievement remains unseen. It has been difficult to build a spacious studio, and the #3 Studio was damaged by the local government). Finally in 2017, #4 Studio was completed in an impoverished village, and Mr. Takamoto has a big studio with abundant equipment. At the same time, this has solved the unemployment issue of three needy people in that village, who were able to collect and cut the wooden materials (which was done by Mr. Takemoto himself at the beginning). Strictly following environmental protection principles, the studio looks for the fallen dead tree that suitable for making glasses frames, and pays for the villagers for their work. The frames of 10th Anniversary Edition come from these woods, which are very special. These trees only grow in China and cannot be found anywhere else; they are unique and bring incomes for local people. Therefore, without any exaggeration, your purchase is helping the people in need and the brand that has been making efforts for a decade.

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