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Mr Takemoto was born into a common farmers' family. He has developed passion for Chinese painting, literature, and handcraft since his early childhood, while his experience of exercising all kinds of farm work has equipped him with  endurance and stamina. Also, he had been an excellent student. In 1995, Mr Takemoto got involved with glasses industry by creating posters for a glasses company. Later, Mr Takemoto started making marketing strategies for this company. Meanwhile, he studied professional knowledge and grew from merely a repairer to a salesperson, an optic lens processing technician, to an optician (qualification obtained in 2003), and then a manager. In 2002, Mr Takemoto started his own glasses retailer business, which later developed into a trading company. The electronic business of the company began in 2004 and the sales has been good. In 2008, Mr Takemoto registered his company in Hong Kong and started international retailer business. In the summer of 2009, Mr Takemoto designed and made his first pair of glasses with wooden frame, finally turning his passion into original work. He has been one of the best leader and innovator ever since. In 2010, Mr Takemoto's Etsy shop  became the first one selling glasses with wooden or bamboo frames; it turns out that his Etsy shop is not only the earliest, but also the best, as all glasses are 100% hand made by Mr Takemoto with his original design. Unlike some shops selling manufactured product while boasting their originality, Mr Takemoto and his work enjoy good reputation. More significantly,  for three times, Mr Takemoto participated in the top exhibition for glasses held in Paris and Milan bearing his own expenses, and thus became the first Chinese glasses designer and maker known by the international community. He has proven to the world that Chinese designer and craftsmen can also rank among the best in the industry. For better devotion into handcraft, and due to some complicated reasons, in 2010, Mr Takemoto had to dismiss the trading team in China, and has stopped domestic business. Therefore, now, all the products you see are from one author: Mr Takemoto. Being alone but tough, Mr Takemoto is known by few in his own country, yet greatly  supported by customers from across the Europe and America, and even some world-famous celebrities. If Mr Takemoto's glasses finally becomes the best handmade glasses brand, he'd sincerely thank every customer from the Western world.