zebra wood Paris Autumn

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Quick Overview

1.100% handmade by the designer and brand founder:TAKEMOTO HUANG
(95% sellers purchasing glasses from sweatshops)

2.Crack treatment, not easy to break.

3.Lifelong free maintenance, replacement parts or renovated.

4.Can install the prescription lenses.

5.with handmade wood box.

Dear ladies and gentlemen:

I am TAKEMOTO Huang,

I have realized that a growing number of people are purchasing bulk produced hand-made glasses and sell them at ETSY. Actually they are not participants in the field of glass. They are not involved in the design, marketing, or research process of glass. Without shedding any sweat or hurting their hand, they are nothing but intermediaries. However, many of them even claim themselves as designers or producers by pirating the pictures from others. I make around 1,000 pairs of glasses every year for this world. I design them, improve the materials, and even invent new materials. Through a long time of research, I managed to correct the mistakes. Gradually I find my works mature enough and are favored by the customers. I would answer all of your questions in person including those concerning optics. That’s why I’m eager to improve my English. I mount the lens and pack the parcels all by myself. Sometimes I even drive to the international shipping agent in order to guarantee that you can receive your glass one day earlier. There are about 50 working procedures for each pair of glass. I manage to finish them all by myself.

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