Fagan's Story with TAKEMOTO

Fagan's Story with TAKEMOTO

“I discovered Takemoto and his marvelous eyewear during the first COVID lockdown in the USA. It seems I have an allergic reaction to acetate (commonly used in available eyewear) and after considering other frame options, I wondered if eyeglass frames were available in wood.

I found Takemoto on Pinterest and it was sold. Not only is his story touching and compelling but the quality of his eyewear is beyond perfection. In the past three years, I have ordered several more pairs. It is a great honor to wear Takemoto’s works of art, he is a joy to work with and very few days go by without compliments on my wooden glasses."

 fagan and Takemoto glasses

We have received an email from a kind lady from the United States. She shared her own story with us. She has an allergy to nickel, iron, and other rare metals. So she found a lot of information about eyeglasses online. She hopes to find a glass that is made of natural materials. Finally, she thinks the wooden glasses may meet her requirements. Here are the feelings that she shared with us.

Fagan is a very nice lady. She ordered three pairs of round glass frames. She also shared a lovely picture of her garden with us. Regrettably, we made a little bit mistake for the third one, then we fixed the problem. Now we have already finished the final work for her. Thanks for the picture which she sent us about the view around her home. This is very nice and warm.

Our brand hopes to increase the connection with customers because we think each customer who bought our glasses will have their feelings and stories. Hope our brand will bring them joy and love. No matter their color, background, or job, natural wood handicrafts will bring them happiness.  

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