About 108 craftsmen


   The 108 artisan craftsmen organization is a charity that Mr. Takemoto initiated together with some lonely craftsmen and designer, who is looking for opportunities to form alliances and promotion creation. And construction craftsmen villages in poor mountain village, in order to provide job opportunities for the poor to improve their lives. These artists from around the world, their common features are: by the hands, rather than relying only on a computer and mouse; they are lonely craftsman, not rich nor a lot of resources, no beautiful studio, but they are very talented.


     Finally, the 108 Craftsmen and Designers Alliance decided to start from this impoverished village, Hongjiang Village.


   The remote village is under the jurisdiction of Libo County, a world heritage listed by UNESCO because of the beautiful mountain, river, and the unique Karst landform. However, Hongjiang Village is one of the poorest village in China. Hongjiang has access to both highways and high speed trains, and we came here with a big arts group 'Background Songzhuang Arts Village' (the biggest painting and Chinese painting arts village in the world).


   We hope that our entering can help Hongjiang get rid of poverty as soon as possible. By now, there have been 50 artists and 3 artists group entered there, and 108 Craftsmen is the only craftsmen group. We are the first to start build hotels, and we refurbished the old house with decades of history all by ourselves. When completed, this house will be the place providing food and accommodation for craftsmen, and will be the centre for many types of studios. At the same time, it will also be open for business, thus providing job opportunities for the local and increase their incomes.