How to choose the size and prescription lenses

     Mr.Takemoto is  a licensed optometrists and lens cutting national division since 2010, with 20 years of retail experience in the optical industry, which is extremely different to the fake handmade glasses seller , and the other true handmade brand, yes, they can not do that,there is just sunglasses ,or ,you need to install the lenses in the optical shop,but 80% they break the wood frames.

  so ,how to choose the right size ?easy !just need your two face photos with a ruler ,like this:

Then,Mr.Takemoto will decided which size will be fit you well,if it dose not fit you when you receive,we will pay the any cost to exchange the right size.if you decided yourself ,can not exchange for free.

  About the prescription, just need to send the picture of your prescription to us, if there is any question before you choose the lenses style, you may E-mail him or facebook.

    Please send the pictures to this 

    if you want to ask something ,same E-mial or FACEBOOK:TAKEMOTO HUANG