How to custom wood & bamboo glasses

ow to Complete the Order Accurately and Smoothly in a Remote Custom Shop?


If you have made an appointment, it is recommended that you prepare a prescription photo, if not, our customer service will contact you after ordering.


Step 1: Identify the Materials


For example, you want horn that is allergy-free, or olive wood that has a nice grain, or ebony that fits all your outfits.


Step 2: Determine the Style of Glasses


You can choose any sample in our shop and take photos. You can also provide a frontal photo of your old glasses, or a picture or sketch of your favorite style of glasses.


Step 3: Determine Your Measurement


Try on 5 sizes we provide to confirm that you need one of S,M,L,XL,XXL. If you think you need to customize a size, such as a wider nose bridge, you can choose 'custom size ". After placing the order, our customer service will contact you for further confirmation.


Step 4: Determine the Color


You can choose the color according to the sample glasses we provide, or choose the color from the color card, or any other color you want, and decide whether to color only the front of the frame or the whole glasses, or other special color requirements, such as two colors.


Step 5: Determine the Lens


Please see our store manager, or consult our online customer service to display your prescription photo, make your request, plus our professional advice to finalize the lens.


Step 6: the Link to Customize


If there is no online customer service on duty, our store manager will provide a general customization link. You can upload the style picture you need, prescription picture (or manual input), select the material and size, input the LOGO or text to indicate the need to carve extra, inlay content, and then complete the payment online. After that, our customers in the headquarters will contact you to confirm the details and make up for the shortage. If our online customer service and Mr. Takemoto are online at the same time, then you will get the most accurate customized quotation and complete payment in one go, which is why we advocate your appointment.



Step 7: Confirm Details


Before processing, we will send pictures of materials for you to confirm, and then enter the processing and delivery stage. You can choose to wait for the express at home, or go to the store to hand over to our store manager, so as to provide on-site feedback. Delivery time through us is 7-10 days, shipping time is 4-7 days. ,


Over the past 15 years, our online business has required less than 5% correction after delivery, mainly due to size errors and styles that do not fit as well as expected. Physical stores will solve the above two problems, but there is still the possibility of prescription errors and other problems, for which we provide unconditional replacement service, customized glasses do not provide full refund service (non-customized glasses, customers have the right to refund).