Olive wood

By now in 2016, I am still the only designer and craftsman making glasses frames with olive wood, as no one else understand the fragility of olive wood better than me. In 2012, I first got to know olive wood. (I only know olive before that. Actually when I was in primary school, I can buy pickled olives from the shop near our school.) It reminded me of childhood memories when I first took a close look at olive wood, and was fascinated by its beautiful texture. Every piece of olive wood is unique. As a Chinese, I understand the importance of rosewood, such as yellow rosewood, green rosewood etc. in Chinese culture. Before long, I learnt the symbolic significance of olive wood in European culture. It’s just like maple to Canada, and spruce to the USA. Olive tree, olive oil and olive wood are of profound cultural importance for Europe.

If someone asks me, what is my favourite material for glasses frames, my answer will be two tone rosewood and olive wood.