About Progressive Lenses

   Usually, after turning 40 years old, human eyes will gradually become impaired, and gradually people can't clearly see things in close distance. Reading glasses are then needed.


   The first generation of reading glasses only has one diopter in the lens,

      and the second generation has two diopters in the lens. But the second generation has  safety problems, such as not being able to take the stairs or driving, so it was not even as popular as the first generation.

   Then the third generation reading glasses with progressive multifocal lenses were invented and have completely solved the vision problems of the middle-aged and elderly people. One piece of lens could satisfy all the gradual vision requirement from near to far, so that users can read, watch TV and drive at the same time.

      When you read the newspaper ,you  need to be careful with your children, and maybe look at the scenery in the distance.

When you shoot a video for others, will need to see the screen clearly,
as well as what is being shot.

    Progressive multifocal lenses are very expensive to be produced at first, but with the maturity of technology and the increase in factories, prices are starting to become more available to more people. TAKEMOTO aims at developing a professional progressive multifocal eyewear brand that serves the vast majority of middle-class consumers. The frames are all natural materials and can even achieve “zero chemistry” as needed.


    When you drive, you always need to take a look at the navigation occasionally, then look at the road ahead, as well as various road signs.  Ordinary reading glasses can't help you see everything clearly. You may choose a pair of reading glasses or not wearing them, but when you stop to watch your phone or study the itinerary, you have to find your reading glasses.  In addition to the transparent blue-light progressive reading glasses, TAKE progressive also offers the choice of transitional and colored sunglasses, making it a perfect choice for traveling or driving.  


 How to get the diopter?   


     If you don't have myopia or astigmatism in the past, need not to see the doctor to get the diopter. 

    You only need to choose your original diopter, plus +0.25, and the other data will be generated automatically. Only few reading glasses will need far-distance diopters, and we will confirm it for you.

    If you do have a prescription from doctor, that mean you need to customize the lenses, usually with myopia and astigmatism, then we need a picture of prescription, will need one week to customize.


Precautions of Progressive Glasses

1.Progressive glasses require an adjustment period, which usually takes a few days, if fail to adapt to them, please contact us within 2 weeks.

2.If there is a problem with the size and diopter ,please contact us within 3 days of receiving them.

3.If it is a customized frames or lenses, refund is not acceptable, but you can replace them until they are right.