purple heart wood

Purple Heart Wood is by now the only known wood species with true purple colour (not purplish), though its colour may vary from purple, purplish red to purplish blue etc. due to the different degrees of oxidation. I am the very first designer and craftsman in the world making the entire eyewear frame with Purple Heart Wood from 2012 on (before then, only few high-end brands used this wood partially). There are many inevitable problems in glasses frames made of whole piece of Purple Heart Wood. The wood has high hardness but is easily fractured, and the colour is difficult to be controlled. However, with many years of experience, I am able to make delicate frames using unique techniques. In order to make use of the oxidation process that causes the change in colour, I also purchase the wood materials years in advance to ensure it becomes perfect purple. It is very difficult to make the arms, but as you can see, I have completed all the processes perfectly. When you receive a pair of Purple-Heart-Wood-framed glasses, don't worry if you think it is not purple enough. The colour will slowly change in the future if there is plenty of sunshine, and the process will be very interesting.