Customized Services for People with Allergies

An increasing number of allergy-prone people are choosing glasses made of customized natural materials, mainly the following types (with our solution).


  1. Nickel Allergy


Nickel is the most commonly used antirust coating and an indispensable material for alloy glasses


  1. Do not wear any alloy glasses or glasses with alloy parts, but can wear pure titanium or titanium alloy (inert metal)


  1. Glasses with carbon fiber hinges or some kind of hardwood as hinges can be customized, but spring hinges cannot be used.


  1. Plastic Allergy


customers can't use or tolerate plastic products


  1. Any of our bamboo or wood glasses that have been painted, or horn glasses, can

solve this problem; Customers with severe allergy are recommended to choose no paint.


  1. Resin Allergy


Resin is also a plastic; but since the lenses are made of resin, they are listed separately.


  1. Choose glass lenses instead of resin lenses.


  1. Paint Allergy


paint covers oily and water-based, water-based paint pen is easier


  1. Horn, olive wood (unpainted but beeswaxed), zebra and cherry are preferred.


  1. Allergic to Beeswax


  1. Can only choose horn and olive wood without waxing







What natural materials can also cause allergies?


Red rosewood and ebony, dark rosewood, and purple heart wood all have the potential to cause skin allergies, which can result in redness or rashes. In the past 5000 + customers, the percentage is about 0.5%, but with paint protection, the degree of allergy will be reduced (unless lacquer allergy), because the logs contain complex ingredients, which can sometimes cause skin irritation.


Which natural material is not easy to compare skin allergy?


  1. Ox Horns or Sheep Horns


It's made of natural protein, the same as human fingernails and hair, so horn is the perfect natural material for people with allergies. But because it is a natural protein, it can not be stored in a humid environment and is easy to mildew.


  1. Olive Wood


TAKEMOTO is the first craftsman in the world to make glasses from olive wood. Olive wood is rich in oil, can resist the erosion of sweat to a greater extent, and has a good skin-friendly effect, will not lead to skin allergies. Olive wood is not mildewed and has a fragrant smell.


  1. Cherry and Zebra Wood


No allergy cases have occurred, but these two kinds of wood are relatively dry without oil, so easy to absorb sweat and large color change. If not painted, the life of Yuepin is limited, usually 1-2 years, will be very old, painted can be used for 2-4 years.


  1. Bamboo


Bamboo is not as skin-friendly as people think. Natural bamboo has very good antibacterial and anti-mildew performance, but after processing bamboo chemical changes, but than most wood is easy to mildew, so if bamboo glasses or other crafts, placed in a humid environment, very easy to mildew, often wear without paint covered bamboo glasses, will not occur mildew, However, bamboo easily absorbs water and causes the glasses to lose their arc, making them unwearable. So bamboo can be an option for people who are allergic, but it's not ideal.