About Blue Light

Blue light is desirable to device manufacturers because of its efficiency and power. The downside for our children and us is that the intensity of the blue light can cause digital eye strain. Blue light exposure can also lower melatonin levels associated with deep, peaceful sleep.

Blue Light is considered much more harmful and powerful than UV rays since our eyes do not have a natural way to shield against it. It reduces melatonin production, which signals our body it's time to sleep. The combined overexposure and lack of melatonin can lead to several diseases like eyestrain, macular degeneration, heart disease, and cancer.

Blue Light is part of the "visible light spectrum" which can be seen by the human eye: Everyone is exposed to it everywhere and every sunlight using digital devices: Prolonged exposure to"smartphones, and tablets can cause digital eyestrain Devices with LED screens release a form of bright, bide light.