Story Between Jackie & His Grandma

Jackie shared a warm story between him and his grandma. Now we shared this story with everyone to feel it.

Jackie, one of our customers, ordered a pair of our zebra wood THANKS frame with progressive lenses in October 2021. His grandma’s birthday was coming, so he carved his name on the leg of the glasses.

Jackie graduated from school and then came to a new company. He received his first salary and wanted to do something for his family. When he received his first salary, he hoped to choose a birthday gift for his grandma because his grandma raised him and took care of him for many years. He has a close relationship with his grandma who is a 72 years old lady. She is a sweet and warm person with white-grey hair. She raised many animals like dogs and cats in her garden.

He noticed his grandma had trouble reading so he took her to see a doctor and got a prescription. Then he searched for information about glass stores online. He hoped to order unique eyewear. He looked at our story of the brand and then contacted Mr Takemoto. Mr Takemoto replied quickly and gave some advice sincerely.    

After one week, Jackie’s grandma received her eyewear. She is surprised and proud. She wears the glasses all the time and takes a photo of his grandson, Jackie. Jackie feels joyful when he feels the happiness from grandma.

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