Philip's Story, A Longtime Long-distance Driver

Philip shared his feelings with us after he used our eyewear.

Philip has a very special job because he is a long-distance driver and has to spend most of the time in the whole day transporting different kinds of stuff such as trade products, fruit and vegetables for supermarkets, the most special things which he transported was military supplies. As a new immigrant, he has many plentiful life experiences. Now we want to share his effect after using our eyewear with you.

Philip is a long-time driver, he has already been engaged in this industry for twenty-four years. When he first came to the United States, he was an apprentice for driving a big truck. It is so different from driving a private car. He told me he spent a lot of time practicing. Nowadays, he owns his own transport company and thirteen big trucks.

When he finds us on our online store and sends our message, he has difficulty finding a pair of eyewear for him to drive long distances in summer because of the horrible UV which has already affected him. He hopes to have eyewear which can make him do daily stuff and drive a long distance. We recommend a gradient glass. When he drives a truck, he can use gradient glass to avoid the hard UV that will hurt his eyes. When he does daily stuff, the lenses of gradient glass will be changed to normal clear lenses, so he can hold normal eyewear easily.

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