2009 of TAKEMOTO

2009 of TAKEMOTO

2009,it was the first year of TAKEMOTO,They are not perfect, and even some can not be used, but this is a great place to start, and also a difficult start, because there are no textbooks and teacher.

 today ,just found out them in my old computer,good luck,so let's take a look.


The oldest pictures of TAKEMOTO,it is 1# studio ,Sep.2009.

the oldest design .

The oldest LOVE-WOOD,2009.




The first customized glasses for a boy in USA, and it was also the first two tone ebony glasses in the world, and the first AUTUMN(AUTUMN be named until 2011, that year, it was called MJX0901.

The first picture from the customer in 2009. lol

The oldest WALKER, it was called MJX1902, but be named WALKER2010 in 2010.

That year, I am not alone like now. I did have great business,one optical shop and one company ,and a team. So I do not need to take the photo by myself .

A a great office! Yes! I was a rich man before 2009. Until now, I missed that place. It is a big office about 300 sqm, two floors and at the 26th floor.


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