1. About size. Please send us picture of your face with ruler if you don't know how to choose the size. If the size is not fit you, you need to pay the shipping two times to exchange, but I still will pay the first shipping.


2. About shipping. Send to USA, Canada and Europe by USPS or Fedex, which needs about 4-6 calendar days. Send to Europe and Australia by DHL or Postal express, about 4-6 calendar days. Send to other countries by Postal express, about 4-6 calendar days.


3. About processing time. Your package will be sent out within 2 -3 business days if in stock. Need about 4 business days if your glasses need to intall the prescription. Sent out in about 10 business days if the RX lenses is custom lenses. Handmade glasses are not common goods, there are many uncertain factors, such as the lens scrap, I hope Takemoto's customers can give enough tolerance on time.


4. About life free maintenance. Many of you may worry that the glass frames made of bamboo or wood would easily break. I guarantee you that after special treatment they are strong enough unless being hit by strong external force. In case there’s a fracture of the glass (not caused by mounting of lens), free maintenance service is offered. You can also get a replacement or renovation, but you will have to pay for the freight.


5. About lenses. If you need to install the prescription lens, please give me your prescription (OD;OS;PD,). I provide high quality minus reflection aspherical hardened resin lens. I became a lenses mechanic and an optometrist 10 years ago, have a wealth of experience. In fact, there are not many people can install the lens to the wood or bamboo glasses in the world. The best way is let me do it because the doctor and the optical shop often breaks my works. After that, you will need to pay half the cost to get a new eyeglasses. Yet, free from Takemoto if I install lenses,  which is a very friendly support.


*If the prescription lenses is wrong, I will pay all fees change right. If the prescription was wrong, please pay the fees.



There is no wood or bamboo is same, and it is handmade, so, no glasses will same. If the glasses is coloring, such as brown, I know there are many kinds of brown, so, don't say: this is not what I need to brown, please!