Join 5A Custom system and become the sole franchisee in your city

what is "5A wood & bamboo custom system"?

Any styles, Any materials, Any sizes, Any colors, Any lenses

 Sole franchisee in your city?

Except for big cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, and so on, we would consider two or three dealers; for other single cities, basically we would only authorize one dealer, because we need to ensure your uniqueness and exclusivity, and the production capacity of custom glasses is limited; the current annual supply is not bigger than 2000 pairs.

How to work?


Option A

You pay $1,500 for a sample package that you can sell directly (you get the full payment), but you'd better keep the samples for potential customers to get the custom deal. In this way, you'll get half the sales, this will normally be no less than $180, and we offer a discount code that allows you to complete a custom order online. What do you get for $1,500? see the pictures below.

Option B

You spend $800 on a mini set with half the number of samples and display props as above, the rest the same.


What can you get for $1500?


 Option C

We pay $300-$500 per month to rent a counter or area in your store to display our samples, but you only get 30-40% of the sales, and we want you to be a thriving store in a big city with a good customer base, like Los Angeles, where we have over 100 regular customers; according to our data in Florida, once we offer bespoke service in a good location, you'll get 100 + deals a year, that's over $400,000, which is more than most luxury goods do.


 Service Flow Chart

① Customers visit your shop to experience our samples
② The customer chooses the style, material, color, and size, as well as the lens
③ You use the discount code online to complete the order and confirm the details with you
④ Mr. Takemoto started sharing pictures of the making process
⑤ After the completion of the photo for you and the customer to confirm
⑥ Shipped via FedEx or DHL
⑦ You inform the customer to pick up the goods
⑧ Correction or redo in case of deviation
⑨ After-sales service (free maintenance or replacement for life) 

Why Choose Us?

1. The best after-sales service system (from the love of customers and glasses), 15 years of first-hand customer service experience, empathy;
2. Provide the best profit ratio and exchange system.
3. From 2007, the world's earliest independent design, bamboo and wood glasses brand;
4. The only craftsman and designer from the fields of optics and art.
5. One of the most important influencers in the field of handmade bamboo glasses.