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payment for customization system

payment for customization system

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 PLAN A:40 paris samples
For a set of 40 samples, we would recommend 20 to you, including 5 progressive multifocal ready-made reading glasses samples (which can also be used for testing), 2 "Best of Best by TAKEMOTO" samples, 8 open optical frame samples, and 5 best-selling styles. You can choose 20 from the specified types or let us select all the samples for you.
PLAN B:25 paris samples
we will talk about what kind of sample you want .





Q1: I currently don't plan to purchase a custom package. Can I buy a few samples? What's the price?

A: Yes, you can. For less than 10 samples, you'll get a 30% discount off our retail prices. For 10 or 10+, you'll receive a 40% discount off our retail prices. Please take photos and send an email or contact our online customer support to complete the payment. We will provide you with a 40% discount code. If you need the samples immediately, we may need to check with our company's approval. Alternatively, you can make the payment now, and we will hold the samples for you until the end of the exhibition or ship them from Hong Kong within a week.


Q2: If I purchase some samples, can I join the custom system? What discounts can offer?

A: Yes, you can. Even with a limited number of samples, you can let your customers know that we offer 5A customization. They can choose their own styles or any of your store's styles and complete the transaction using the custom link (QR code on the poster). Our online customer supporters will assist you, and your customers can use a discount code to make the payment.


Q3: What happens if there are issues with custom orders, such as size, material, or prescription errors?

A: It's challenging to avoid all errors, but our policy is straightforward: if we make a mistake, we will redo it for free. If the error is on the customer's or dealer's side, there will be a cost associated with redoing it. Custom eyewear theoretically cannot be refunded, only remade. However, in some difficult cases, we may issue a refund to reduce inconvenience.


Q4: I noticed that custom eyewear has a closed structure and is not easily fitted with lenses. Can you make an open structure for us to install lenses easily if our customers request it with their own lenses?

A: Yes, we can create an open structure for you, but we recommend allowing us to install the lenses. This way, you'll receive better profits, and there won't be any hassles. Please trust the quality of the lenses we provide and Mr. Takemoto's expertise as a high-end custom brand.


Q5: If I purchase a set of custom sample packages, can I sell them directly to customers, especially sunglasses?

A: Yes, you can. We recommend pricing them no higher than 30% above our retail prices. Additionally, we suggest replenishing samples promptly; the cost of purchasing samples is 50% off the retail price. More samples mean more transactions.


Q6: Can I choose the samples for the custom package by myself?

A: For a set of 40 samples, we would recommend 20 to you, including 5 progressive multifocal ready-made reading glasses samples (which can also be used for testing), 2 "Best of Best by TAKEMOTO" samples, 8 open optical frame samples, and 5 best-selling styles. You can choose 20 from the specified types or let us select all the samples for you.


Q7: Can I replace samples if I find some are unpopular?

A: Yes, you can replace samples, but please ensure they remain in a resellable condition. Email us to communicate which samples you need to replace; the replacement rate should not exceed 20%.

Q8: Can damaged samples be replaced or repaired?

A: Certainly, this falls under our after-sales service.


Q9: Can I purchase a custom sample package and take it with me immediately?

A: We have two sets of packages available on-site. If you wish, you can make the payment now, and we will contact you after the last day to arrange pickup or shipping to your preferred address. This is the fastest way to obtain samples. However, display props will be shipped from the company.


Q10: Ill be the exclusive dealer in my city once I purchase a package?

A: Except for the top ten cities in the United States, we consider one dealer per district. In other cities, we only develop one dealer and sign a 2-3 year cooperation agreement.


Q11: Does the $1500 I spend on samples mean they belong to me?

A: No, the total value of a package is calculated at 50% off the wholesale price, which is approximately $5000. The $1500 is just a friendly deposit that benefits both parties. It helps you gain premium custom clients and profits while assisting us in expanding the market. After the contract ends, you need to return the samples to receive a 60% refund. The remaining 40% is retained as operating costs and shipping fees.


Q12: If I ultimately find that custom transactions don't suit my store, can I return the samples and get a refund?

A: You can apply for a sample return within three months after the transaction. We will inspect the samples' integrity, deduct any sold samples, and charge 40% for labor and shipping. The remaining amount will be refunded to you. The return address is in Florida or New York. This means your maximum risk is losing $900 to try this unique global custom system.


Q13: How does the custom system work?

A: You can refer to the image provided, but I'll briefly explain it. Customers guide your store in providing customization by choosing style, material, color, size, and lenses. You can contact us online for a quote or use the online custom link to estimate the price. Once the customer agrees and pays you, you place the order online using a 50% discount code. After confirming the details with us, we manufacture and ship the product to you, followed by after-sales service. I recommend scanning the QR code (on the poster) to learn the specific details.


Q14: Some samples may have minor flaws. Will formal orders avoid such issues?

A: Yes, while we'll try to avoid obvious quality and aesthetic flaws, handmade eyewear may have some natural imperfections like traces of craftsmanship and natural scars in bamboo and wood. These imperfections are part of the charm of handmade eyewear.


Q15: If I have a chain of stores, can I continue to purchase a package for other branches?

A: Yes, you can, under the same conditions. You can choose to share your samples or purchase an additional package. If you're considering other cities, as long as it doesn't violate the principle of "one city, one district, one dealer," you can become the exclusive dealer for that city.


Q16: Are there any case studies or references available?

A: Since this system is being launched for the first time, the available data is primarily from Jacksonville, Florida, where James (or myself) is our first dealer. Interestingly, James does not own an eyeglass store but operates a mobile eyeglass shop using a converted truck and participates in art markets. Since 2022, he has completed over 60 transactions. So, if you have a good eyeglass store in a bustling city, our estimate is that you can complete 60-100 transactions in a year, with an average order value of over $350. Another reference is that we have over 400 loyal customers in New York and California. Once we have a dealer in a city, we are more than happy to recommend you to customers rather than selling directly.


Q17: Will you promote our store?

A: Yes, we will feature our dealers on the homepage of our website for each city, making it easy for customers to find and purchase from you. That's what we aim to do – you handle customer interactions, and we focus on the technical aspects. We will also promote our local dealers on social media.


Q18: Will you provide technical support or other forms of interaction?

A: Yes, once we have more than 10 dealers in the United States, Mr. Takemoto and his assistants will visit each dealer annually. They will provide training on lens installation techniques and may even offer on-site custom services and other interactive support. If you can secure enough appointments in advance, this can be arranged.


Q19: Are all custom eyeglasses made by Mr. Takemoto himself? What is the production capacity, and can it meet market demand?

A: Yes, Mr. Takemoto personally handles 99% of the production process. Currently, the annual production capacity is approximately 1,000 pairs, with the potential to reach 2,000 pairs at maximum capacity. We are confident in finding reasonable solutions to maintain handmade production efficiency once we reach the 2,000-pair mark. However, this is not currently a concern.


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You may also know

After-sales services

1.  The shipping cost for shipping the items to the studio are the customers’ or the distributors’ to pay.
2.  The shipping cost for shipping the items to the distributors after the items being repaired will be paid by the studio.
3.  Repairing (NOT exchanging) frames and arms for free and for glasses of all series.
4. Free exchange for the arm for once for TAKEMOTO Series; for further exchange, cost of production (20% of the original price) is required.
5.  Lifetime free exchange for the frame and the arm for TAKE HUANG series, repair the inlays for free.
6. Lifetime free repairing and exchange for metal hinges.
7.  Glasses cases and lenses maintenance services are NOT provided.

About Progressive Lenses

   Usually, after turning 40 years old, human eyes will gradually become impaired, and gradually people can't clearly see things in close distance. Reading glasses are then needed.


   The first generation of reading glasses only has one diopter in the lens,

      and the second generation has two diopters in the lens. But the second generation has  safety problems, such as not being able to take the stairs or driving, so it was not even as popular as the first generation.

   Then the third generation reading glasses with progressive multifocal lenses were invented and have completely solved the vision problems of the middle-aged and elderly people. One piece of lens could satisfy all the gradual vision requirement from near to far, so that users can read, watch TV and drive at the same time.

      When you read the newspaper ,you  need to be careful with your children, and maybe look at the scenery in the distance.

When you shoot a video for others, will need to see the screen clearly,
as well as what is being shot.

    Progressive multifocal lenses are very expensive to be produced at first, but with the maturity of technology and the increase in factories, prices are starting to become more available to more people. TAKEMOTO aims at developing a professional progressive multifocal eyewear brand that serves the vast majority of middle-class consumers. The frames are all natural materials and can even achieve “zero chemistry” as needed.


    When you drive, you always need to take a look at the navigation occasionally, then look at the road ahead, as well as various road signs.  Ordinary reading glasses can't help you see everything clearly. You may choose a pair of reading glasses or not wearing them, but when you stop to watch your phone or study the itinerary, you have to find your reading glasses.  In addition to the transparent blue-light progressive reading glasses, TAKE progressive also offers the choice of transitional and colored sunglasses, making it a perfect choice for traveling or driving.  


 How to get the diopter?   


     If you don't have myopia or astigmatism in the past, need not to see the doctor to get the diopter. 

    You only need to choose your original diopter, plus +0.25, and the other data will be generated automatically. Only few reading glasses will need far-distance diopters, and we will confirm it for you.

    If you do have a prescription from doctor, that mean you need to customize the lenses, usually with myopia and astigmatism, then we need a picture of prescription, will need one week to customize.


Precautions of Progressive Glasses

1.Progressive glasses require an adjustment period, which usually takes a few days, if fail to adapt to them, please contact us within 2 weeks.

2.If there is a problem with the size and diopter ,please contact us within 3 days of receiving them.

3.If it is a customized frames or lenses, refund is not acceptable, but you can replace them until they are right.

Size Chart

Takemoto is the only workshop providing 5 sizes in the world. These sizes suit 99.99% people in the world, but it also can be customized for your eyeglasses if there's extended or widened.

width of lens—width of bridge—length of arm

S: 46-20-142mm,
M: 49-20-142mm,
L: 50-20-142mm,
XL: 54-20-142mm,
XXL: 56-19-142mm


Read Your Prescription

If you can’t make sense of your eyeglass prescription, you’re not alone.

Common Rx Acronyms

  • OD=Oculus Dexter refers to right eye.
  • OS=Oculus Sinister refers to left eye.
  • SPH=Sphere corrects nearsighted or farsighted vision.
  • CYL=Cylinder combined with Axis corrects astigmatism.
  • PD=Pupillary Distance is the measurement of distance between the pupils.

Here are some common prescription types to help you navigate yours.

Standard Grid Format

This is the most common format with clearly printed fields for OD, OS, SPH, CYL, etc.; values are usually entered with computer, but may be handwritten by doctor.

Rx Notes:

Sphere (SPH) and Cylinder (CYL) always have a (+) or (-) sign.

On any prescription, PD can be written in different ways: e.g., 62 (Single PD), 33/31 (Dual PD), or 62/60 (Distance PD/Near PD).

Standard RX

Blank Format

The information on this free-form prescription is usually handwritten.

blanket RX

Progressive / Bifocal

For multi-focal glasses, as well as reading and computer glasses, your Rx will include an ADD or NV value. This number always has a (+) sign.

Rx Note:

The type of Rx glasses may be noted on a prescription, such as DV [Distance Vision/nearsightedness] and NV [Near Vision/reading].

Prescription with Prism

The less common prism Rx refers to the amount of prismatic power needed to compensate for eye alignment issues (e.g., double vision or “lazy eye”). The prism Rx will have two values: PRISM & BASE.

Rx Note:

BO=Base Out, BI=Base In, BU=Base Up, and BD (or BDn)=Base Down.

Vertical Prescription

Unlike typical Rx formats, with values going from left to right, the vertical Rx values are listed top to bottom. This format is less common in the US.

    History of TAKEMOTO

    takemoto brand since 2018

    The Origin of the Brand Name TAKEMOTO

    In 1999, Mr. Huang(Takemoto) met a talented and brilliant girl, Ms. Liu, in the eyewear company for which he worked. They fell in love with each other at first sight. One day the girl gave Mr. Huang a pen name竹本(Zhu Ben, literally meaning bamboo and stem) when joking with him. Actually this was just a mischievous joke between young lovers, simply because竹and本could form a Chinese character笨(ben, could mean silly).

    Later the girl graduated and left that city, and they had never seen each other ever since. Takemoto has become Mr. Huang’s pen name from then on, no matter for writing or for drawing. When he started to design and make eyewear in 2008, without any hesitation, he decided to use it as the brand name, but it was impossible to directly translate it into English. While in Japanese, the corresponding character of surname TAKEMOTO is exactly竹本, and the pronunciation and the form are both nice. Therefore, TAKEMOTO has thus become the brand name.

    Mr. Huang is kindly addressed as TAKE by his overseas friends, and this is the origin of the sub-brand TAKEBYTAKEMOTO. The biggest difference between TAKEMOTO and other Western handmade eyewear brand is that, it contains oriental aesthetics and ancient wits in craftsmanship, in spite the fact that the environment and the views of many people has been one of the biggest obstacles for brand development. However, with sincere love for Chinese culture, Mr. Takemoto named the highest-end collection as TAKEHUANG in 2018. By applying the Chinese surname in the logo, he also hopes that one day a symbol of Chinese character can appear as one of the worlds top brands in the future.

    Mr Takemoto was making glasses by hand 

    Timeline of Takemoto

    Part I:A Farm Boy Who Loves Art and Craft

    1977-Born into a farmers'family, and has been enthusiastic for art and craft since childhood.

    1987-Began to learn Chinese painting and calligraphy.

    1990-Began creative writing, tried to write poetry and essays, which were collected in 2018.

    1992-Won the third prize of the National Art Competition.

    1994-Began to study modern art and design.


    Part II:A Young Man Who Have Worked in All Positions in the Optical Industry

    1996-Entered the eyewear industry by drawing and making promotional posters for an eyeglasses company,

    1997-Got a chance to work-study in the eyewear company, as an art designer and planner.

    1998-Officially obtained part-time job in the field of glasses:sales clerk and maintenance apprentice. Preliminarily learnt the manual cutting and grinding technologies of the lenses(the oldest lens mounting technologies).

    1999-Became assistant to the general manager, and manager of the planning department(22 years old), and met Mr.Takemoto.

    2000-Learnt optometry, and accumulated a wealth of experience in optometry.

    2001-Established training workshop and planning studio to provide professional training and marketing planning services for optical shops.

    2002 Opened the first optical shop in his hometown and began writing the first novel.

    2003-Opening second and third optical shops.

    2004-Established an eyewear company, and began to operate eyewear e-commerce.

    2005-Passed the national senior optometrist and optician examinations and obtained the according certifications.

    takemoto eyeglasses model

    Part III:The Man Began to Make Bamboo Glasses, and Sell Them all over the World

    2007-Registered Hong Kong MJX International Trading Co. Ltd.

    2008-*Started designing the first pair of glasses. LOVE-WOOD, and tried to make it from wood. *1#studio established(garage)...

    2009-Through two years of arduous work, a set of completely self-designed bamboo and wood glasses manufacturing process was created.

    2010-*ETSY store opened and officially began selling its own works worldwide.

    *WALKER2010 and ANGEL2010 series were born.*Participated in the world's largest optical exhibition Milan MIDO exhibition, and received positive response and achived good sales performance.

    2011-*PARISAUTUMN,THANKS,COVER-M, and ANGEL2011 series were born.

    *Participated in the SILMO exhibition in Paris and meet French eyewear master Daniel.

    *2#Studio was established the first natural wood crack prevention technology was completed, and *the world's first seashell glasses was born.

    *The world's first cork-based glasses were born.*The world's first designer and craftsman who combined bamboo, wood and fabric.

    2012-*Unexpectedly invited to participate in the Milan MIDO Design Gallery(DESIGNLAB, the world's top glasses exhibition hall), and got known by the most important person in the history of development: Italian celebrity Lapo Elkann, who offered to cooperate.

    *KNIGHT, NEVER, BEGGERORKING, andWALKER2012 series were born.

    *The world's first pair of glasses with bamboo-woven frame, and the mixed material of carbon fibre and bamboo was born.

    2013-*Met Lapo Elkann once again at Shanghai Peace Hotel, who again offered to cooperate with the world's top brands.

    *Another craft and design masterpiece was born:natural leave vein glasses making technology.

    2014-Talked with CEO of the Independent Italian Glasses brand owned by Lapo Elkann for cooperation in Hong Kong; however, negotiations has been suspended due to objective reasons.

    handmade craft

    Part IV:Gradually Became a World-Renowned

    Independent Designer Brand

    2015-In spite the extreme loneliness and hardship, the brand TAKEMOTO began to rank among the top 5 in Google's natural search results, and became the world's top ten genuine handmade bamboo and wood glasses designer brand.

    2016-Building4#studio in an impoverished mountain village, an art village under construction, where bamboo and wood resources were abundant and villagers needed employment opportunities; this provided the solid foundation for the production of TAKEBYTAKEMOTO low-end series, and the annual production capacity is expected to reach 3,000 pairs.

    2017-*Was invited to participate in the World's Best 100 Craftsmen Exhibition held by the Toyama Prefecture in Japan, being an only optical designer and craftsman..

    *The world's first pair of seashell-inlaid lacquer glasses and silk-based glasses were born.

    2018-Visited Japan again, and visited the master of Japanese handmade glasses:Mr. Tai Hachiro. *The world's first fine bamboo-woven framed glasses box was born.

    2019-*Officially launched "TAKEMOTO Customization System"to develop affiliation business with an innovative mode of zero inventory and zero pressure, and started global brand development plan.

    The Monologue of the Founder

    For 23 years I have been trekking alone,

    through countless thorny wasteland.

    More than often I was surrounded by enemies,

    but I conquered all the need. welcome and indifference

    Through the everlasting loneliness and nights.

    I saw you standing in the library.

    You seem to have been looking forward for a long time.

    and together we can build a splent new kingdom



    In 2010,I moved to 2#Studio after dismissing the trading company and putting an end to domestic business. This place belongs to the government's creative industry park. I left there with anger because I couldn't bear the corruption and malfeasance. In 2013,I started to build the 3#Studio on the top of my home of the 7th floor all by myself it took me two years and thousands of times going upstairs and downstails carrying things of almost 5tons in total it was two years of exhaustion In 2015, it was torn down fiercely by the government in ridicule. This was the most miserable memory in the development of the brand.

    takemoto four studio

    In 2016, I finally found an abandoned old house in an impoverished mountain village, and transformed it to the4# Studio. From then on, I do not have to drift about and have enough space for development steadily. It covers 200 square metres and has received visitors from Canada Germany, and the USA etc. Expanding the production capacity of low-end products has solved the employment problems of local people in need to some degree, and has driven the development of traditional local craftsmanship 108 Craftsmen Association was then established in 2017.

    No one knows what I have endured in the past decades.For the development of career and pursuit of the dream, I have sold an apartment, two optical stores, and two online optical shops in China, and even sold my favourite Rolex watch in the most difficult time. However, my family did not recognize or support my career; they merely reluctantly supported me. The government has ignored a brand with outstanding position in the world and has never provided any help. Therefore, I would most like to thank you, every customer from North America, the Europe, and Australia… It was your trust and support that cultivated the brand through all the difficulties.


    Thank you.

    takemoto etsy shop

    2010/Milan MIDO international optical fair

    2010/Milan MIDO international optical fair

    2011/Paris SILMO international optical fair

    2011/Paris SILMO international optical fair

    2012/Milan MIDO international optical fair (24# Design Hall)

    2012/Milan MIDO international optical fair (24# Design Hall)

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